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The Angelic Language of Light

 An angelic Language of Light script, meaning

"Trust in God, for God is the source of all joy!"


The scripts appearing on the pages of this website are messages written in the angelic Language of Light. The angelic Language of Light is the original language of Creation and the language of the soul. We are all fluent in this language on an unconscious level.

These scripts and others are presented for contemplation at:


The angelic Language of Light images have been made available by the artist Bryan de Flores. Visit his website at:



Alchemy Symbols

These three symbols appearing on the Home page are Medieval Alchemy symbols. They are (from left to right) Antimony, representing the human being's wild or animal nature; Mercury, representing the transcendence of the solid and liquid states, of heaven and earth, and of life and death; and Gold, representing the perfection of all things, including mind and spirit. Together, the three symbols are used here to represent Spiritual Alchemy - the transmutation of lower human energies, qualities and consciousness into higher, more Divine energies, qualities and consciousness.



Crop Circle Symbology

This symbol appearing on the Ka Shen page is taken from a symbolic language found in Crop Circles and represents the opening lotus blossom of the heart.

This symbol appearing on the Contact Us page is from the same crop circle language. It represents the word "Master" and is a key for receiving gifts from Spirit.

Translations of Crop Circle Symbology have been made available by Judy Beebe.



Indian Symbols

This symbol appearing on the Faith Mantra page is the word Faith, written in Sanskrit.


This symbol appearing on the Faith Mantra page is the OM. It is a sacred sound and spiritual symbol in Hinduism, that signifies the essence of the ultimate reality, consciousness or Atman. It is a symbol that is chanted before a mantra in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.



Peter Fich Christiansen

Several of the images on this site have been made available by the artist Peter Fich Christiansen. Visit his website at:



Howard David Johnson

Two of the images appearing on the Faery Portal Page are by the artist Howard David Johnson. Visit his websites at:




For information about the history of Reiki, visit the Australian Reiki Connection website at:




For more information about Seichim/Sekhem, visit Patrick Zeigler's websites at:




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