1. Trust in God, for God is the source of all joy!


2. Let the majesty of God and the Kingdom of Light be known by all on Earth!


3. Awaken and listen to the music of the Divine Heart!


4. We speak to you of the Wisdom of the Ages; know that God is manifest within you!


5. Joyous Love! The flame burning inside of you is the same flame that burns within the very heart of God.


6. Angels dance in joyous celebration of love!


7. Those who seek purity will be blessed with divine vision and will see the Miracles of Light.


8. The heart which knows Truth, knows God.


9. Have gratitude for every living thing, seen and unseen, all are gifts of the Spirit.


10. We bring you the message of glorious Eternal Life and the Transformation of the Soul into Light.


11 .We are dancing light and the harmony of love!

12. Courage and Freedom will come to all of those who speak the truth with love.


13. Divine Heart, unfold within, and welcome the beckoning light.


14. Peace shall come to the pure heart and to those who seek to love and to give glory to God!


15. Angels bring hope to all, through the kind words of others.


16. The celestials sing the song of divine harmony, the song of the universe!


17. Let love shine from within you and send blessings to all beings, and they shall awaken into Light, and they shall know love!


18. Seek always the highest truth, for you are divine perfection!


19. Let your hearts be light and filled with joy, for we are very near to you, and you are very dear to us!