The Angelic Language of Light Contemplation Series


The angelic Language of Light is the original language of Creation and the language of the soul. We are all fluent in this language on an unconscious level.

This website presents a series of Language of Light scripts. These scripts are telepathic, and will communicate directly with the soul during quiet contemplation. They will also enhance the creative energy flowing through you.

When contemplating the scripts, gaze at them and connect with them by allowing yourself to feel their energy rather than by thinking about them with the rational mind.

Click Browse (above) and scroll through the list of scripts. If you do not have broadband, this page may take a while to load. Take your time to choose the one you feel most drawn to work with today and then click on that script. It will then appear on its own in a larger size for you to contemplate.

On the Browse page, the scripts are numbered. If you record the number of the one you are going to work with, you can easily return to the same one again another time if you want to continue working with it.

You can also click on Translations (above) and look up a translation of the script, however the meaning may manifest slightly differently for each person. It is best to make your selection and do your contemplation before reading the translation. This is in order to by-pass the rational mind and work purely with intuition and feeling.

The images and related information presented on this website have been made available by the artist, Bryan de Flores. Visit his website at:



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