Introduction to the Faerie Realm, Connecting with the Faeries

The Faerie Portal


Faeries 1


‘Enter Now and You Will See,
Blessings Here for Two or Three’

Blessed be, and welcome to the Faerie Portal. Are you weary dear one? Have you trudged through a long day at work with a heavy heart? Has your system been over-loaded with loud noise and synthetic light? Too much to do and not enough time to do it in? But be still, for all is well…

You are invited to embark upon a transformational journey. The Faerie Portal is a doorway into the Faerie Realm. The Faeries can help you to cleanse your aura of psychic debris and re-connect with the deepest needs and values of your sacred being.

With the help of the Faeries, we can cast aside our everyday cares and concerns as we are supported to love ourselves. We can release old fears and patterns of behaviour that no longer serve us. With the aid of the Faeries, we begin to remember our ancient truths. We remember that we are wild, free, magical soulful beings.

You are starlight, moonlight, and a wondrous incarnation of Universal Gaia Energy. You are both creative and powerful. You have within you, the talent of manifestation, but you have been sleeping…

Disconnected from nature and surrounded by those who but seek your love, your own voice may have grown dim. Within such a cacophony of noise, many have forgotten to love, honour and nurture their selves.

Journey into the Magical Realm of the Fey who but await your invitation to step into your world, and transform it into something so illuminated with healing light that it shines like starfire...


Faerie Queene

Faerie Queene


There are many beings in the Faerie Realm. Like us, they have particular gifts and glamours. Some will support you to lighten up and play, some will teach you to weave your dreams into form, some will assist your healing from previous psychic wounds while others will enlist your help to serve and heal the planet and our animal friends.

All of them have something to teach you, you need but choose the lesson that your heart wishes to learn. As you work with the Faerie Folk and begin to understand their ways, do not be surprised if you experience spiritual shifts or some form of psychic awakening. When you invite the Faeries into your life and heart and begin to work magic with them, the illusions of the world begin to fall away.

When you connect with your authentic, organic, powerful self, you tap into Universal Gaia energy and you may begin to experience the physical world differently.

What previously seemed impossible may become possible…

The Faerie Folk will assist you to transform your "Have to’s" into "Want to’s".

You will begin to weave the life that you desire, as an authentic, conscious being, rather than a shadow, dancing out the expectations you were taught to hold dear and believe…

Be Your True Self,
Live the Life of Your dreams,

Enter The Realm of the Faeries…


And Who Are the Faeries?


Faeries 2


Here We Stand Amongst the Trees,
Very Close, for Those who See,
Dancing in the Midnight Hour,
Through the Starlight’s Glorious Power,
Entwined Hands and Earthy Feet,
Merry Part but Merry Meet!


So who are the Faeries? Hear their merry laughter like the tinkling of a stream as they ask riddles in the starlight... How many petals are there on a wild flower? If an owl alights from a dark oak at the stroke of midnight, how many field mice will he catch on his way home? (None, for he has already eaten!)

It is a little like posing the question, ‘And Who are You?’
How many pages in a book could you fill dear one?
Let us speak in general terms as we come to glean some idea. Know that as your connection with the Faeries grows stronger, you will come to understand more specific information about each one who seeks your friendship and understanding.

The Fey are often shy of human kind. Be aware that they may spend some time observing you to see if you are ‘their people’, before revealing themselves. Like us, they judge based on the vibration of your energy, your thought, and oh so importantly, your deed!

Does his heart bear kindness? Is she good to animals? Do they care for the earth? Are those children of sweet countenance? Are they honourable? Will they love us?


Faerie with Harp


Faeries are especially fond of children who, having not yet taken on the ways of the world, remain tuned in to them. These children are often able to see them. Next time your little one looks intently over your shoulder focusing on what appears to be nothing, be mindful that they in fact may be interacting with a Faerie or an Angelic Being.

Like us, Faeries are etheric beings of pure energy. Faerie energy vibrates faster than ours, but slower than that of the Angelic Realm. They are the caretakers of the physical earth, and their energy consists of a density that allows them a strange combination of etheric and physical form.

Theirs is the ability to appear in form when they want you to see, and later to exist as light when it becomes necessary to fade into the shadows…

Faeries are powerful healers. Steeped in the ways of old and skilled in herb-lore, they have an innate perceptual understanding of the needs of the earth. Masters of manifestation, their magic involves the powerful, singular, focus of their thought, combined with an unencumbered heart, as they draw the energy of their intensions into physical form.

Uncomplicated beings, their hearts are wild and free. They are passionately committed to their beliefs and loyal to their beloved.

The Faeries have a wicked sense of humour…
They laugh at jokes, at themselves, at each other, and most certainly they laugh at life! Tinkling gossamer laughter like the sound of bells from the diminutive Flower Faeries, Sylphs and Sprites and deep rumbling belly laughs from the Gnomes, Dwarfs and mischievous Leprechauns.


Faeries and Leprechauns

Leprechaun Language

A mischievous Leprechaun
and his Leprechaun Language


They laugh because their hearts are merry and grateful and they express this through the ritual of song, dance, feasting and celebration!

Friends with uncertainty, light of heart with courage, emboldened by joy with an unquenchable belief in the limitlessness of what is possible, these wondrous beings have much to teach those of us who are brave enough to learn.



Connecting with the Faeries


Faeries 3


Many of us who have been transported to The Realm of Faerie through tales told to us when we were young, and later poured over these self-same beloved stories as ‘grown-ups’, have maintained our connection.

Humans who share an affinity with Faeries have many Fey friends who support and assist them in all manner of ways, from finding one’s car keys, to help with the conception of a much prayed for child.

Understand that it is your pure love for them that draws them out of hiding as they seek involvement with you.

 They are attracted by your love and commitment and wish to communicate. They stop to listen, inclining their heads when they hear you laugh, and they hold out small hands to catch your tears when they fall onto your eiderdown at night as the moon shines in through your window.

To connect with the Faeries and enter their Realm, you have only to believe in their existence and to call upon them with love and sincerity. Faeries are everywhere but you may find it easier to sense their presence and communicate with them when you are outside in nature or somewhere where there are lots of plants and animals.

You can ask the Faeries for guidance, support and healing in any matter. Explain to them your circumstances and put forth your request with love and gratitude for the assistance they will bring...


Faeries 4


If you would like some extra help in connecting with the Faeries, you can call upon one of the Faerie Queens to assist you. Faerie Queens are similar to Goddesses. Some of the major Faerie Queens are Aine, Cordelia, Dana, and Maeve. Just call upon them as if you were calling upon a Goddess, and ask them to guide and support you in connecting with the Faeries.


Faeries 5

Faerie Queen Maeve



*               *               *               *



(With the exception of the last three paragraphs, the words for the Faerie Portal were channelled from the Faerie Realm by Deborah, who may herself be a faerie in human incarnation.)




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